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Esports Betting in 2020 – What You Need to Know

ESports betting is all about the love you have for eSports. When you bet on eSports, you are pretty much supporting the industry, specifically the tournaments that take place or the bookmakers that offer eSport betting. If you ever wanted to get in the action of eSport bets, then it’s important to know what’s awaiting you out there. Simply put, you need to know how to properly make your bets to be successful.

Thankfully, we compiled this guide, aiming to help you in your future betting. Let’s get started!

ESports Betting – What Are the Types of Bets?

One thing that you should be aware of when you’re getting ready to bet on games is the fact that there are multiple types of bets for eSports. But although there are quite many, the most popular ones are social betting, challenge betting, real money betting, skin betting, and fantasy betting.

Social betting is, as you can imagine, social. Basically, someone who does social betting will have to bet with someone else, such as a friend or online contact. You will have to decide on the outcome among yourselves.

It’s important to keep in mind that this type of betting should only be done if you know you will not have arguments with the other person, and they can be trusted. Sadly, there are cases when friendships fall out because of this.

You can use real money for these bets, but they are usually for skins and other items.

This is a type of bet suitable for people who love a good challenge. It involves players competing against each other for skins, items or real money. It is also known as head-to-head betting.

As you can tell, this betting type will have you using real money to bet. You bet on eSports tournaments, and you can win real money as well. Furthermore, you have a lot of options with these bets too, as you can choose to predict the tournament winner, match winner, map winner, and so on.

Skin betting in eSports is popular, especially for games such as CS:GO. This type of bet will give people the chance to get skins and other items for the game they play.

There’s also something known as fantasy betting in the eSports industry. This category will not force you to go against the bookmaker in a battle. You will have to compete with other gamers by getting tickets for some tournament-like matches instead.

What Can You Use to Deposit and Withdraw Money?

The deposit and withdrawal methods for eSports bets all depend on the particular bookmaker you’re using. Not every bookmaker will have the same methods available.

The most popular option for both deposit and withdrawal has to be Mastercard or VISA. This is such a loved method mostly because it’s convenient, as most people own a card nowadays. But it is also loved due to being secure. Other methods that people seem to love are PayPal and Skrill. For eSports betting USA, there may be a little problem with American Express customers, though, as they are, many times, unable to deposit by credit cards.

Bitcoin could be an option, too, although it is not universally accepted either. If you want to use this method, you have to find a bookmaker that accepts it.

Is It Legal?

You may have concerns about the legality of eSports betting, which is only fair. But there is no universal answer on whether it’s legal or not because it’s a matter that depends on where you’re from. Some jurisdictions will accept online betting enthusiasts for eSports, while others will not be so accepting.

So, bear in mind that, as a bettor, you will have to respect your jurisdiction’s laws and regulations. Look whether a particular betting type is allowed where you’re from. If it’s not, then eSports betting may not be legal either. It’s best to check it.

Final Thoughts

It’s great to see that you have so many options when it comes to bets nowadays, especially when professional eSports are a thing too. Just like you’d make a sportsbet, you can make a proper wager on one of the most popular eSports as well. Each year, there are events held for particular eSports games, and you can gamble on whichever you like the most. Not to mention, there’s a big number of professional teams and players that you can support too, so your options are not limited. If you’ve read our guide, you will be more prepared to bet.