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Fortnite Betting – ESports Betting Tips for Fortnite Lovers

With a nice, challenging gameplay, Fortnite has stolen the hearts of many people very fast. Basically, in the game, you are dropped on an island along with other players, so there is a total of 100. You have to gather materials but also look out for other players who will be out to kill you. At the same time, you will have to eliminate other players too. The winner is the last one left standing.

This challenging aspect was what made Fortnite so loved, and what made Fortnite tournament betting possible. Do you want to do Fortnite betting yourself? Well, then better follow the next tips.

For Fortnite bets, there are two types available: props betting and moneyline betting. Props betting can be done on pretty much any bookmaker, and it allows you to gamble on several factors. These include duos (which duo will end up on top), solos (which player is going to win), region (where the server is located), and top 3 finishers (who will be the last 3 players standing).

On the other hand, moneyline bets will just have you picking the outright winner. They are the easiest types of bets that you can make on Fortnite.

Since it’s such a big game nowadays, it comes as no surprise that many pro gamers have picked up Fortnite. So, you’re not exactly limited when it comes to the players you can bet on. You cannot just bet carelessly, though. You shouldn’t consider skins or an aggressive playing style as something you should guide yourself after when betting. Instead, get to know the usual strategies of the player, how many times they’ve won in the past, and so on. Streaming platforms will make this whole process easier for you.

It should be an unspoken rule, but when looking for a sportsbook for Fortnite betting, you should only go with safe ones. Betting Fortnite websites exist, but not all of them are secure. So, when browsing the internet for one such bookmaker, look at the certification, offers, experience and, also very important, the site reviews.

You must know when Fortnite events occur, so you can know when to get ready to bet. Over the year, there are multiple tournaments taking place, such as Fortnite World Cup, Twitchcon, or Fortnite Fall Skirmish Series. Check when they take place, and you will have time to save money and build a betting strategy.

Final Thoughts

You can easily bet on Fortnite, but only if you have the necessary game knowledge and know what each player can do. Hopefully, this was an eye-opening guide and will make you ready for future eSports bets on the battle-royal game.