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Overwatch Bet – A Guide to Successful Betting

Blizzard Entertainment probably had no idea that Overwatch was going to become as big as it is. As a first-person shooter game in the online world, Overwatch has done amazing, even though it was only released in 2016. But it quickly gained traction, which led to the organization of events and, ultimately, the chance to make an Overwatch bet.

That being said, now you probably find yourself among the people who want to try betting on Overwatch, and if that’s really the case, we have some tips for you.

  1. Get to Know the Maps and Heroes

The things that add to the complexity of Overwatch are the heroes and the maps. In terms of heroes, there are over 20 that you could play with. Concurrently, each champion has its own set of skills, pros, and cons, and not everyone is going to be a master at using every hero in the game. There are different maps too.

Knowing all of them will allow you to analyze, in a much easier way, what hero a specific player is good with, what map he performs better on, and other things. This understanding will go beyond records of wins and losses, so pay attention to these aspects if you want successful Overwatch betting.

  1. Check Out Available Markets

When making Overwatch bets on a bookmaker, you will have multiple markets available. Knowing your options is great if you want to place a bet that suits your strategy more, and one that you’re sure you can win. For Overwatch, some of the markets available include match winner, map winner, map totals, and futures/outright tournament winner.

  1. Be Wary of the Rules

Before you put your money on the line, it’s important to be aware of the different rules of Overwatch tournaments. Each competition is going to have a different set of rules, structure, and terms. That being said, research the tournament and its rules and format before you bet on Overwatch.

  1. Learn to Read Odds for a Successful Overwatch Bet

Even though it may not be the hardest thing in the world, you still need to learn how to read Overwatch odds. On eSports bookmakers, the odds for Overwatch will be displayed in a format not so different than that of traditional sports.

So, if you’re familiar with sports betting, then you shouldn’t have any issue reading the odds. Otherwise, you need to familiarize yourself with them first. The odds will show not only the implied likelihood of the outcome for each team but also the amount you stand to win.

Final Thoughts

Some tips can be of huge help before you make Overwatch League betting. If you don’t get some advice, you risk going into betting unprepared and risking losing your money. We hope that these tips will be of huge help when you eventually get into Overwatch betting.